These are simple webcams I've been playing with from around my property. They are cheapies...only cost about $18. They install easily into a PC with Windows. I transmit snapshots every 30 seconds to the website, when operational. They really don't load my internet feed too badly by running them in this way. It's not as nice as with a streaming feed with audio, but they're much easier to keep online.

The first cam is of my primary station. The 2nd cam is some of my older & Vintage gear that I operate from time to time. If you look at either cam and it's not streaming, it's because I chose not to supply that feed at the moment. These cams run intermittantly, depending on the usage of the computers and such at the time. If you click the [WB4IUY] link at the top of the page, you can select a description of some of the equipment lineup you might see in operation from these cams.

Currently, I'm working on a tower cam to feed some cool video from about 100' or so up the tower. It's easy to capture some of the video from various security cams around the property. My wife and I are working on an idea to hide a cam in one of the birdhouses to catch those little rascals up close. Select the cam you'd like to watch from the links on the right:

- Studio 'A' Cam
- Studio 'B' Cam
- Radio Workshop Cam
- Yard Cam

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