Dave Hockaday WB4IUY, Youngsville NC USA FM05
Hellschreiber Screen in DM-780

Hellschreiber Operation @ WB4IUY/AC4QD

Feld Hell is another name for Hellschreiber, a vintage mode dating back to 1929. It was developed by a German engineer named Rudolph Hell, who patented this early method of facsimile. My Feld Hell # is FH2690 .

Hellschreiber, or Hell, is a method of sending and receiving text using facsimile technology. It is unique in that the characters are not decoded, but "painted" or printed on a screen. There are several modes of Hellschreiber, the most popular being a single-tone version call Feld-Hell, an on-off keyed system with 122.5 dots/second, or about a 35 WPM text rate. FH has a narrow bandwidth of about 75 Hz. Feld-Hell also has the advantage of having a low duty cycle meaning your transmitter will run much cooler with this mode.

Be sure to visit the official Feld Hell Club Site at http://sites.google.com/site/feldhellclub/ to learn more about this cool nostalgic mode. There is a great explanation and discussion on Feld Hell on ZL1BPU's website at http://www.qsl.net/zl1bpu/HELL/Feld.htm.

Using HRD's DM-780 on Hellschreiber

I use DM-780 (built into Ham Radio Deluxe) to work the Hellschreiber modes. There are other programs that work well, but I use DM-780 because it sorta has everything I want (all modes) in once package. It's easy to work Hellschreiber with this software. I like it because you can see signals across 3khz of the band in the waterfall, and you can QSY within that 3khz with a simple mouse click.


Buxcomm Rascal Interface on Feld Hell

I've said this before, but I'll say it again... the best $50 I've _EVER_ spent on my shack was when I bought a Rascal Soundcard/Rig Interface from Buxcomm. I had never even heard PSK31 or other digital modes of that sort... When the Rascal came in the mail to me, I had it opened, installed, and making my first contact on the air in less than 30 minutes. It was a beautifully simple plug and play operation, and came with all cables and software needed to get it up in running in just minutes. You can find it on Buxcomm Communications' website at http://www.buxcomm.com/. It doesn't get any easier or less expensive to get on the digital modes than this! I've also made a mod to the Rascal for keyed CW, so I wouldn't have to change cables when I operated in CW (not MCW) mode. I've posted info and a drawing about this on the site, and you can see it by clicking HERE.

Buxcomm Rascal Interface

For the Rascal CW Mod, click HERE. For the Rascal Remote Operation, click HERE.

Feld Hell Links & Info

Here are a few links to Feld Hell info:

- Feld Hell Club Site
- ZL1BPU's Feld Hell Site
- Feld Hell Forum

Feld Hell Nets:
(Note all frequencies are KHz + 1000 Hz AF except where noted)

- 30m Net, W8LEW, Lou, Mondays weeks 1 & 3 (& 5); 0000 UTC @ 10.137 MHz
- 160m Net, W8LEW, Lou, Mondays weeks 2 & 4; 0300 UTC @ 1.806 MHz
- *10m Net, N3LFC, Larry, Mondays; 1800 UTC @ 28.074 MHz (This net is occasional until the sunspots return Larry is looking for a NCS who can spend time at appointed time calling for checkins. The new person who takes this net over can change it to day and time he wishes to run the net.)

- 40m Net, W8LEW, Lou, Thursdays; 0100 UTC @ 7.077 MHz

- 80m Net, AC7XF, Hugh, Saturdays; 0400 UTC @ 3.572 MHz

Real-Time Hellschreiber Spots on HamSpots.net

Click HERE for CURRENT Hellschreiber SPOTS on HamSpots.net.

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